3 Pre-Designing and Upselling Tips for 20% More Revenue

3 Pre-Designing and Upselling Tips for 20% More Revenue by Fujifilm, GraphiStudio and Fundy Ambassador Scott Johnson

The idea of pre-designing albums and upselling to clients can make us photographers uncomfortable, yet 20% – 25% of our annual revenue comes from upselling albums alone. In this blog post, we will share our 3 tips when meeting with clients at The Edge Photography.

1. Strike While The Iron is Hot

The ‘magical time’ to meet with clients is 10-14 days after the wedding, before the couple decompresses. During the honeymoon, send them sneak peeks to build excitement, but as soon as they return, get a meeting on the books. Even during the ‘busy’ season our goal is to get clients in the studio, whether that be in person or virtually, but no more than 2-3 weeks after the wedding. 

2. Emotionally Reconnect  

When clients walk-in or zoom-in for their appointment don’t start by showing them the album and discussing prices. Ask them about their honeymoon or talk about a moment at their wedding that was unforgettable. This not only shows the client we care and are invested in their story, but also brings them back to their wedding. Get them talking about their big day to bring back all the emotions and memories that come along with it, this builds rapport with the client and gets them emotionally invested in the album we are about to present. 

Once the couple is invested in the process, present a slideshow that includes more spreads than what is in the original package. For example, if the original package includes a 20 page spread, show them a slideshow that includes a 35 page spread. This puts the decision on the couple to delete photos or add more pages.

3. Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy. Us photographers want to do everything we can to make the couple happy, this still applies during pre-designing albums and upselling. By pre-designing the album it removes the stress of the couple having to select photos and tells a complete story of their wedding day. By upselling, we are making sure the client walks away from the experience with an album, prints or wall art that they are proud to share with family and friends. We tell the client we added extra pages to capture everything we saw and to tell their entire story, whether the client keeps the additional pages is up to them. 

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