3 Tips to Make More by Selling and Proofing Albums With Clients

3 Tips to Make More by Selling and Proofing Albums With Clients by Vanessa Joy

The wedding is over and all the images have been edited, now it’s time to put together the album, show it off to the couple and not only close the album sale, but make more! 

Here are 3 tips for when getting ready to meet with the client for their custom design proofing session. 

Tip #1: Finalize this sale and sell more

As a photographer the main goal of the proofing session is to finalize any edits to the album and pick the cover. If we are able to meet in person, the couple should be able to touch and feel the different cover options whether they be fabric, leather or embossed.

The other business goal of this process is to increase the bottom line by selling more products whether that be through adding more pages to the album, packaging the album with prints, or ordering wall art. Most of the editing and even the design session itself are included in the original package, so anything additional that is ordered is mostly profit.

Compared to the original booking, on average clients are spending 50% more on the album, prints and wall art. 

In the end, we want the clients to walk away from the session happy- which means they can’t be the ones who design it.

Tip #2: Get it Done!

Initial proofs should be ready 2-3 weeks after the event. Once this is done the photographer, assistant or a designer can begin to put the album together. The album proof should be ready for client review 5-6 weeks after the wedding. 

It’s incredibly important that the entire process is wrapped up in 3-6 months as this cuts down on backend costs. Time is money- the more time we spend on one project, the less time we have for others. Fundy Proofer’s automatic client email reminders does the work for us so we don’t have to nag clients for reviews and approvals.

Tip #3: Use their Album for Marketing

Turnaround time for printers like Millers, Floricolor and Serendipity Albums is pretty fast nowadays. Make sure the album comes to us first, not the client. This way we can do quality control while also getting content for social media. One big mistake us photographers make is not taking video and photos to share on social – people don’t buy what they can’t see, so make sure to get content so we can continue to grow our business! 

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