3 Tips on How to Shoot for the Album

Jerry Ghionis’ Tips on How to Shoot for the Album 

The key to high album sales is the ability to consistently produce big, beautiful albums that your clients can’t say no to. Award winning Nikon and Fundy Ambassador, Jerry Ghionis, shares his 3 tips. 

1. Shoot to Tell a Story

This is a skill in itself, if we can master this skill, then our album sales will increase. Set the scene in order to create an atmosphere conducive to creating gorgeous photographs of the bride. Work with the lighting, take your time shooting and photograph with purpose. It is important to think deeply about how photographs will go together, to create an album that tells a story. 

2. Think in Spreads 

Take a photograph and then ask what will compliment it. Photographs on a spread need to be similar enough to compliment each other, but different enough to warrant multiple photographs on a spread. An easy way to sell more spreads is to change the mood and crop photographs. 


3. Energy and Direction 

When photographing, use your voice to create energy and direction for clients. A softer voice with the bride and a more direct voice with the groom, will help guide and position your couple, capturing beautiful and natural moments.

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