Add Music to Slideshows and Album Proofs = Bigger Sales

Key up the emotion by adding music to your slideshows and watch your sales increase. With over 40 royalty-free songs to choose from, you have lots to choose from right at your fingertips in your Design Library.

What is the Design Library?

The Fundy Design Library has over $10,000 worth of design assets available for your Fundy Designer projects. It houses everything from Studio Magazine layouts to card designs. It has stock room views for your IPS sales and Royalty Free Music for your slideshows and proofing.

How To Access the Music

In the Design Library, you can listen to music previews and select the songs you like. 

To download music for your slideshows simply choose Download Music.

Once downloaded, you can add them to your slideshows.

You can also add the music to your album proofs in the Design Proofer.

Use Anywhere

All of the music is Royalty-Free. You can use these songs in slideshows and in your In-Person Sales sessions.

Additionally, you can export your slideshows and play them anywhere on social media or embed them into your website.

Finally, use these songs in your flip book album previews on Design Proofer, just like this one.

Included in Pro Enhancements

This music and design library is included in Pro Enhancements, along with Design Proofer and One-Click skin retouching

You can add Pro Enhancements to your account anytime right here if you own v8 or v10. If you don’t own Fundy Designer yet, get 3 months of Pro Enhancements FREE with your purchase.