How Changes with Adobe CC Will Affect Prior Versions

Fundy Software has long been known as the Adobe Photoshop plug-in that savvy album designing professionals had as part of their toolkit. When we launched the first version of Album Builder, our goal wasn’t to just create a fantastic piece of software, our goal was to fundamentally change the way we design with images. Earlier this year, we took a monumental leap toward that goal when we released our first desktop-based application. We would never have been in a position to take this leap forward if not for our amazing customers.

Unfortunately, that leap forward comes at the expense of an old favorite – the Photoshop plug-in.

When Adobe launched Creative Cloud (CC) in June 2013, it added support for HTML5-based extensions, beginning its process to step away from Flash-based extensions. Starting the middle of this summer, Adobe will begin removing support for Flash-based plug-ins – and the first product this will affect is Photoshop CC. This will directly impact all Fundy products v5 and older.

We’ve long known that taking Fundy Software to the next level meant stepping out from Adobe’s shadow and Album Builder v6 has done that magnificently. We’ve recently found out that Adobe will be removing support for all flash-based plug-ins for Photoshop CC, therefore making v5 and previous products incompatible with Photoshop CC.

So what does this really mean to our faithful v5 users? Well…that depends. For those who have not migrated to Adobe CC, you’ll have no interruption and will be fully supported. For those who have updated to Adobe CC, we have to expect v5 will cease to work sometime mid to late summer. We had hoped to have support for prior versions for some time longer to limit any disruption and will do all we can to keep this to a minimum. While this will undoubtedly be an inconvenience, we are confident that a move to our desktop version will prove to be an awesome choice.