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Album Inspiration – Jerry Ghionis

October 11, 2011

I first saw this album on the Digital Wedding Forum when Jerry Ghionis posted it in the forum. I immediately fell in love with the album. It’s no secret that I favor simplicity and elegance in design over busy designs with a lot of graphic elements. This is, possibly, one of the most simple albums in recent design history. But, that is what makes it great. I emailed Jerry last week to ask him permission to repost it on our blog.

Here is what Mr. Ghionis had to say about the album and the shoot:

I’ve always wanted to shoot square format on a DSLR. I masked my camera mirror with 2 black lines so I knew what square format would be in my viewfinder although I could see the whole frame. In raw conversion, I cropped square and viola! I approached the couple before their wedding with my idea and they loved it and trusted me implicitly. The only correction done to the images is colour correction and skin retouching. I have always wanted to produce a wedding album with a single image per side and present an unadulterated wedding story showing in-camera artistry. – Jerry Ghionis


For more inspiration, I highly recommend visiting Jerry’s blog:

Jerry Ghionis is known as one of the premier educators in our field. For more education, please visit his website for photographers:

Here is the album:


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