Awesome Sauce T-Shirts – Folded In 2 Seconds – Win One Free

Yes, that’s right, you could win an Awesome Sauce T-Shirt at WPPI. Check out this video of Fundy showing off the T-shirts and how we folded them all in 2-3 seconds each! Super fun.



We do not have the power to hand out these T-Shirts. If you want to win one of these T-shirts, you HAVE to attend one of the following speaker events at WPPI:

  • Michele Celentano
  • Sal Cincotta
  • Paul Ernest
  • Jason Groupp
  • Jim Garner
  • Michael Greenberg
  • Tamara Lackey
  • Susan Stripling
  • Brook & Alisha Todd
  • Mirta & Joe Barnet
  • Frank Salas
  • Storey Wilkins & David Anthony Williams
  • Melanie Nashan
  • Jesus Padilla

Can’t wait to see you all at WPPI!