Bug Fix Update + Super Speed Loading

Bug Fixes

On July 1, we pushed out a Hot Fix update for bug fixes. This included a number of serious bug fixes that were preventing some users from exporting their albums or collages. The remedy was resetting their application data, which is not optimal. We’ve done a big round of fixes and all of the major bugs should be fixed.


Crash Reporting

Additionally we’ve implemented a crash report feature that automatically feeds us your crash log when Fundy Designer crashes. We’ve been testing this in house and it has already helped us identify a number of bugs and fixes that we could not have solved otherwise.


Speed Project Loading

Before you get too excited, this will NOT affect old projects. But any new projects you create will open in about 3 seconds. Project load times used to vary between 10 and 45 seconds, depending on the number of images. We’ve optimized the project structure to increase load times. Now all projects, large or small, take about 2-4 seconds to load.


Speed Importing

Previous import times were about 1-2 seconds per image. We’ve reduced that to 1-3 images per second, significantly speeding up import times.


See It All Work