Version 10.1.15


  • Added text for when the comments panel has no content to display.
  • Fixed proofer changes not necessarily saving before changing subprojects if you don’t change steps first.
  • Fixed a crash while moving images around in drop zones that occurred for some users that were doing heavy and intensive editing.
  • Fixed a crash while creating a new project that was affecting a fairly small number of users with an unusual file structure on their computer.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the client view window when external images weren’t reading from disk correctly.
  • Fixed several other cases where crashes could occur due to images not reading from disk correctly.

Version 10.1.14


  • Fixed a crash caused by selecting an invalid studio logo in Proofer.
  • Fixed a crash caused by changing subprojects before closing the Proofer export wizard.

Version 10.1.12


  • Fixed albums with basic covers (which are not designable and do not export) uploading with the album marked as having a single first page or cover, resulting in the first and last spreads being treated like cover images.

Version 10.0.35 (Mac only)


  • Fixed an issue with JSON encoding that was causing crashes.

Version 10.0.34 (Mac only)


  • Fixed an issue with slideshows saving.

Version 10.0.33


  • Added support for monthly lease.

Version 10.0.32 


  • Fixed a crash when all images in a drop zone are moved into a ‘Drop Zones 3.0’-style nested inner drop zone without having made any custom border-sliding adjustments to the image aspect ratios.
  • Hardened drop zone saving code against suspected multithreading errors.
  • Added safeguards against the most probable cause of a crash related to tracking whether external images are out of date.

Version 10.0.31


  • Fixed proxies in the client view window occasionally showing up white or looking like other photos.
  • Fixed several slideshow timing bugs that were contributing to the music/slideshow timing not quite working out correctly on export.
  • Added menu option to use the current image well filter when generating a list of images for lightroom.

Version 10.0.30


  • Fixed a case where a design set could fail to adapt to the aspect ratio of incoming images
  • Fixed a possible crash on export when images used in the project couldn’t be read from disk; instead, an error message will appear with information on how to fix the issue
  • Changed the “unsaved changes” detection to be less eager, so that detected unsaved changes must be more than a couple minutes newer than the saved changes before you’re prompted to restore them

Version 10.0.29


  • Added Playfair Display and Raleway fonts
  • Fixed zoom slider on image frames jumping around when you have a client view of the same spread open
  • Added the ability to save different slideshows for different projects

Version 10.0.27


  • Fixed images erroneously reporting that they needed to be re-synced when they didn’t

Version 10.0.23


  • Updated licensing logic to correct Pro Lease licensing recognition
  • Updated image import to be less likely to fail if there’s a metadata problem with one of the images

Version 10.0.15

New Features, Additions, and Changes:

  • Added ability to drag spacing between images in a Drop Zone
  • Added ability to nest both rows and columns within a Drop Zone
  • Added custom image well sort order
  • Added ability to customize image order by dragging and dropping within the Image Well or Image Browser Grid View
  • Added ability to partially apply layouts in the Quick Design Picker
  • Added music match timing buttons for slideshows
  • Completely redesigned slideshow builder, allowing for more customized slideshows
  • Added Theater Mode to hide most UI, using tab or the View menu
  • Added sliders for adjusting the level of eye enhancement, eye circle removal and exposure correction to the Perfectly Clear retouching panel
  • Added ability to recover deleted projects from cached temporary copies of project files
  • Added ability to flip spread horizontally when only one Drop Zone is present
  • Removed the need for leading zeroes in file names
  • Added warning message when removing single first/last pages
  • Added a prompt on exiting or launching the software for unfinished Direct orders in queue
  • Increased the size of the “Add Print” client order dialog and preview image

Version 8.2.53


  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message to pop up repeatedly when opening the font menu
  • Updated image import to be less likely to fail if there’s a metadata problem with one of the images
  • Fixed an intermittent crash related to working offline
  • Fixed very slow unpacking of the print size library package
  • Fixed an intermittent crash on MacOS when working with text
  • Fixed an intermittent crash related to networking

Version 8.2.46


  • Changed the MacOS color picker so that it works for macOS Catalina

Version 8.2.44


  • Added support for macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Added color adjustments for OpenGL for the Image Browser

Version 8.2.43


  • Fixed a distortion that could occur in Gallery Designer’s Actual Size View

Version 8.2.42

Changes and Additions:

  • Added “Design Library –> Download Magazine Designs” menu option
  • Added “File –> New Subproject –> Studio Magazine” menu option
  • Changed Actual Size View to display proxies instead of loading full resolution images
  • Corrected a crash when importing a folder of images where at least one item in the folder couldn’t be read due to permissions settings
  • Added feedback about which mode is now on when toggling speed vs color corrected
  • Corrected Illustrated covers exporting as PNGs for Design Proofer
  • Added feedback for the remaining view menu toggles, with the exception of guides and grid options
  • Fixed a crash from using Image Finder to move images from one project to another with no project open
  • Corrected multiple drops onto a canvas all undoing as a single step
  • Corrected inconsistency with the way some color block sizes were calculated
  • Fixed “export images for retouching” missing changes made since the last save
  • Corrected PNGs from design sets not being able to be deleted even when design sets have been deleted
  • Fixed image browser multi-compare view X buttons not deselecting items in the image well

Version 8.2.36 

Changes and Additions:

  • Added new Studio Magazine designs
  • Corrected textures in OpenGL enabled client view
  • Corrected blank dashboard upon startup
  • Corrected Design Library previews

Version 8.2.33

Changes and Additions:

  • Enabled OpenGL rendering for the client view/image browser window
  • Added “Import Design Set” option to the Design Library menu
  • Added thumbnail scale slider and +/- thumbnail scale hotkeys to the image browser grid view

Version 8.2.29

Changes and Additions:

  • Added notification regarding spanning over center line for magazines
  • Fixed Shift+D shortcut interference with typing on Windows
  • Corrected a visual issue with swapping images on Windows

Version 8.2.24

Changes and Additions:

  • Improved performance for larger projects, especially in Image Browser window (PC)
  • Added logic to clear image well filters when changing projects
  • Corrected background images not allowing crop adjusting
  • Fixed Auto Design with too few images misbehavior
  • Corrected logic allowing images being used as “other” in client order to be removed from project
  • Corrected cut line guides for covers overlapping in the corners
  • Fixed Graphi cut lines not displaying after placing a Direct order
  • Fixed a crash on export to PSD with a design that has empty placeholders
  • Corrected crashes around undoing cache
  • Prevented further crashing when a .fsd-journal file is opened rather than a .fsd
  • Corrected thicker stroke curving at the corners on Windows

Version 8.2.20

Changes and Additions:

  • Added a new Studio Magazine wizard and a number of stock studio magazine design templates
  • Added studio management XML and studio worksheet text file export options for client orders
  • Updated the image browser/client window’s “AB View” with a more flexible, up to 12x multi-compare view
  • Added line and letter spacing options for text on albums, canvases, and cards
  • Added corner rounding/circle support to drop zones and color blocks
  • Added a selection of preset fonts that now come packaged with the software
  • Added box-selection to select multiple design elements at once on albums, canvases, and cards
  • Added keylines for color blocks
  • Added the ability to set the exact size of color blocks
  • Added +/- buttons to many sliders throughout the program that allow nudging values up and down incrementally
  • Added the ability to duplicate cards and gallery designer walls
  • Added Graphi Megamats as a stock frame option in Gallery Designer
  • Added background color support to card design templates
  • Added support for larger card sizes to Card Designer
  • Increased the quality of rendering for Gallery Designer’s “Actual Size View”
  • Added an Export to Web PDF option to Album Builder
  • Added the option to export images into AdobeRGB in the export options for Gallery Designer
  • Changed the name of Gallery Designer’s “Export for Web” option to “Export Wall Preview” and increased the size of that option’s exports to 3000px across
  • Many more bug fixes, minor text changes, and stability and performance improvements

Version 8.1.30 

Changes and Additions:

  • Synchronized film strip selections across the application
  • Added option to toggle midline in Album Builder
  • Added opacity, flip and zoom support to patterns
  • Added support for the “n” hotkey to toggle file names to the Image Browser window
  • Fixed graphics, text and color blocks not rendering in PSD export
  • Added logic to attempt to copy read-only project files into read-write files
  • Added toggle full res filmstrip view option to the menu
  • Added ability to right click on a canvas to make it the background image
  • Corrected external editor selection issue on Windows
  • Fixed very small rotation amounts not applying in export
  • Fixed most common crash case where image proxy data is missing from original image

Version 8.1.20


  • MyFundy account management dashboard
  • Ability to Auto Design by filename
  • Support for multi-song slideshows
  • Support for gridlines
  • Project paths and missing project files on startup
  • Center fold indication in Album Builder
  • Installer for both Windows and Mac
  • Implicit guides for Gallery Designer to support snapping to center
  • Support for Miller’s Illustrated Covers
  • New Gallery Designer Frames from Design Aglow
  • Support for Adobe RGB exports from Card Designer
  • Metadata to exports that indicates the images were processed by Fundy Designer
  • Control/Command+arrow hotkeys for nudging canvases in Gallery Designer
  • Cosmetic drag handle to Drop Zone and wall art, for ease of moving
  • Informative pop up when selecting matted albums with special constraints
  • Ability to drag graphics partially outside the bounds of the canvas
  • Ability to import custom patterns
  • Ability to rotate graphics in 90 degree increments
  • Flip and image opacity options to PNGs
  • Ability to delete multiple graphics and frames at once
  • Ability to delete default frames
  • Graphics preview on first time run to verify that fast rendering will work properly
  • Option to change the default size of proxy images for newly imported images
  • Contextual menu and hotkey delete support to text and color blocks
  • Ability to hide the credit line in client order
  • Ability to flip color blocks and text horizontally
  • Hotkey “S” for toggling sizes on/off in Gallery Designer
  • Support for Fundy Suite in Mac OS Mojave (does not apply to V6)
  • Minimum and maximum sizes for cards
  • Save button to audio selection popup for slideshow


  • Corrected window placement with certain monitor arrangements
  • Changed Gallery Designer lab listing during setup
  • Changed the appearance of the “add spread” in Album Builder
  • Reduced minimum window size
  • Improved graphics quality on Windows
  • Modified Auto Design to more aggressively enforce maximum number of images
  • Modified Auto Design to avoid empty Drop Zones when using a Design Set
  • Updated Drop Zones to auto delete when last image in DZ is dragged elsewhere
  • Improved responsiveness of loupe tool
  • Increased maximum custom canvas size to 1000×1000 inches
  • Improved performance when selecting GD frames
  • Updated Gallery Designer export upscaling to be on by default
  • Consolidated rotations of print under the same category so they can be assigned the same price
  • Designated prints to always display with the short dimension first in order builder
  • Changed the speed vs color corrected option to be saved for each launch of software
  • Changed handling of Gallery Designer saved designs to more strictly follow original design
  • Changed logic when for pinned design so image preferences are preserved
  • Changed logic when dropping images into drop zones so order of images is reflected on spread
  • Changed spelling of okay to OK in one of the popups
  • Fixed export/import of user designs in user data
  • Fixed and issue with auto design that sometimes caused images to fill when they should fit
  • Corrected price not sticking when adding custom order items to an order
  • Fixed background keyline setting applying to background image/pattern when default settings were changed
  • Fixed upscale warnings not showing properly in Card Designer
  • Modified default snap distance in Gallery Designer to 1 inch instead of 2 inches
  • Corrected display order for collections and composites (off by 1)
  • Fixed A5/A6 sizes in Card Designer displaying in inches instead of cm
  • Corrected issue on Mac causing server to verify licenses more than intended
  • Corrected delay in resizing when image was removed in Blog Collage
  • Fixed date importing logic to handle cases where capture dates were incorrect to creation dates
  • Increased the size of wrench menu sliders
  • Corrected black and white renderings on HiDPI displays
  • Additional minor performance improvements

Version 8.0.23

Changes and Additions:

  • Addressed additional menu bar cases where slideshow could show up at incorrect resolution
  • Fixed generated PDF forms not counting credit against the total order price
  • Corrected slideshow showing up at wrong resolution in secondary display when primary display is Retina
  • Fixed slideshow export failing on Windows for large slideshows
  • Fixed slideshow export failing on Windows if there were spaces in the installation path
  • Changed slideshow export to use high quality image scaling when pulling in original images on Windows
  • Changed import to use high quality image scaling when generating proxy and thumbnail images on Windows
  • Changed the draw order of the cover material area in the Album Builder designer view to not obscure the canvas controls

Version 8.0.20


  • Changed the default setting in Album Builder Auto Design to use 3:2 Accent Images instead of Mixed aspect ratios
  • Fixed a crash involving very large or very small text
  • Fixed a crash on certain slideshow exports
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Album Builder designs that were pinned in some older versions to not show up in the Quick Design Picker
  • Fixed the color picker not always opening in Blog Collage under Windows
    Additional bug fixes and UI improvements

Version 8.0.14


  • Added feedback and instruction to restart after clearing design sets
  • Added an additional warning on export when significantly upscaling PNGs
  • Added the Pro Enhancements menu
  • Made the interaction between used/unused image well filters and keyword filters more intuitive and useful
  • Fixed a situation in which PNGs with extreme aspect ratios could be cropped slightly
  • Fixed a rare situation in which text could render differently between export and design time
  • Fixed a issue that made it hard to re-download design library room backgrounds after deleting them
  • Fixed a issue that caused some room backgrounds to disappear from the image well
  • Additional bug fixes and UI improvements


Version 8.0.10


  • Introduced Card Designer
  • Introduced the Design Library
  • Performance/speed improvements for Windows
  • Improved text presentation and usage
  • Corrected logic error causing data sync for export
  • Increased JPEG quality for thumbnails
  • Added Manage Billing Account menu item
  • Added support for framed prints to client order builder
  • Added wallpaper splits export to Gallery Designer
  • Added ability to create favorite labs
  • Added search ability to album setup for labs
  • Added additional assets for download in the Design Library
  • Changed Export File Name dialog checkbox
  • Corrected licensing issue when switching to another WIFI on Mac
  • Restored client order export option


Version 7.6.33


  • Corrected slideshow export error on Mac
  • Added support for Grayscale images
  • Speed enhancements for Windows
  • Corrected background pattern scaling
  • Corrected rotation issues for out of camera images on Windows

Version 7.6.25


  • Added Blog Collage page range export option
  • Added Blog Collage page numbers
  • Increased Blog Collage limit to 50
  • Corrected slideshow vertical image scaling
  • Corrected slideshow export audio loop
  • Corrected an issue causing large slideshow export failure on Windows

Version 7.6.19

Changes – Desktop:

  • Slideshow export 
  • New music tracks for slideshow
  • Logo upload to slideshow
  • Delayed start for slideshow 
  • Ability to show images and designs in slideshow
  • Perfectly Clear batch sync
  • Removed extensions from file names when displaying on images
  • Corrected metadata issue affecting image rotation
  • New and improved Album setup wizard
  • Premium Labs include cover templates
  • Addition of GraphiStudio as a Global Partner
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Changes – Design Proofer:

  • Password protection for proofs
  • Automated email reminders
  • HTML5 supported flip book
  • Cut lines and center line
  • Improved commenting
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements


Version 7.5.41    


  • Fixed issue with over-saturation of images
  • For already created projects use the menu item Images > Rebuild Project Images to see changes
  • Fixed memory leak in Planner View which may have caused some crashes


Version 7.5.35       


  • Speed improvement across the board in Windows
  • Speed improvement for initial image import
  • Changed how slideshow slides are loaded to remove the delay before they start
  • Improved smoothness of slideshow cross-fades
  • Added link to the change log for future auto-updater notifications
  • Removed reference to loupe tool from resize warning tooltip
  • Fixed a number of bugs that may have caused software crashes
  • Fixed visual issue in which a variety of settings in Gallery Designer did not appear to apply correctly
  • Fixed custom Gallery Designer size limits being too low when measure in metric
  • Fixed Perfectly Clear edit panel controls being able to scroll off of the panel
  • Fixed Perfectly Clear edit panels appearing when sidebar is collapsed in client view
  • Fixed Gallery Designer wall view not resizing correctly when different dimension rooms were dragged in
  • Fixed Collection and Composite group name changes not saving correctly
  • Fixed current design option not saving in slideshow options dialog
  • Fixed the resize warning icon appearing in current design slideshow slides
  • Fixed an edge case issue with Windows scaling
  • Fixed image well overlapping image in design view in Image Brander
  • Fixed visual issue in Album Builder planner view where initially dragging images within frames could have delayed response
  • Fixed the planner view display of windowed covers
  • Fixed a macOS specific issue in which the update symbol would appear on images loaded from external hard drives even if they were up to date
  • Fixed visual issue in Image Brander in which applying a style that resizes the canvas did not immediately update the size


Version 7.5.32 – 7.5.34


  • Fixed edit panel controls appearing when sidebar is collapsed in Client View
  • Fixed Canvases not updating right away when changing wrap type in Gallery Designer
  • Fixed Wall View not resizing when different dimension rooms are dragged in
  • Fixed Collection and Composite group name changes not saving
  • Fixed slideshow limiting number of images equal to the number of pages in the current design


Version 7.5.30 – 7.5.32


  • Speed improvement across the board in Windows
  • Speed improvement for initial image import
  • Removed reference to the loupe tool from resize warning tooltip
  • Fixed image overlapping images in Image Brander Design View
  • Fixed invalidation issue in Album Builder Planner View when dragging images within spreads
  • Fixed Gallery Designer crashing when reloading an existing project via menu while in Quick Design Picker
  • Fixed Planner View display of windowed covers
  • Fixed invalidation when changing Gallery Designer print type
  • Fixed update symbol appearing over a rounding error involving external hard drive on Mac OS
  • Fixed invalidation issue in Image Brander when applying a style that resizes the canvas


Version 7.5.26 – 7.5.29


  • Reduced time it takes to copy Gallery Designer size to project database by 80-90%
  • Fixed Canvas size not updating properly when adding extensions or setting the square canvas property on Image Brander.


Version 7.5.24 – 7.5.25


  • Fixed an issue with mouse cursor and drag image in different places when dragging images out of their frames on Windows
  • Fixed incorrect sizing displayed on spreads in Design View
  • Fixed collapsing Image Well and top bar overlapping the canvas in Design View
  • Changes made externally not always applying to proxies correctly in Design View
  • Improved photo resizing performance on Windows
  • Fixed canvas resizing in Blog Collage


Version 7.5.21 – 7.5.23


  • Fixed Gallery Designer Design View background caching issue
  • Fixed flicker on Windows that occurred when OpenGL is enabled
  • Fixed Gallery Designer Collections and Composites screens having unreadable text and icons when background is set to dark gray


Version 7.5.16 – 7.5.20

General Additions:

  • Perfectly Clear
  • Retina Support 
  • Enhanced text tool
  • PNG importing allowed


  • Fixed crash on importing duplicate image or re-syncing
  • Fixed PNGs being removed from the image well when Auto Designing
  • Fixed pricing on first adding a gallery to an order from (+) button or from the order management panel
  • Fixed Drop Zones adopting the image spacing of another Drop Zone on the page when snapping to safe and center guides on the page