Classes from Fundy Storytellers at WPPI

January 24, 2017

We’re gearing up for WPPI, so we’ve pulled together a list of great classes from our Fundy Storytellers. Check out all these great talks, and register now, or add them to your list to attend this year. If you’re attending, don’t forget to stop by our both #1625 to see the new skin retouching coming as a free update in March 2017.

WPPI Keynote

• Jerry Ghionis – Greatest Hits

Plus Classes 

• Makayla & Dave Harris – Transitioning from a Shoot-and-Burn Photography to a Full-Service Product-Driven Studio for Bigger Profits and a Better Client Experience
• Jacklyn Greenberg – Streamline Your Business
• Amanda Holloway – Pixel Pushing: Using the Sales Funnel to Psychologically Motivate Higher Sales
• Tyler Wirken – The Ins and Outs of Documentary Wedding Photography

Platform Classes

• Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg & Mike Allebach – Increase Wall Art and Album Sales Through Your Love of Print and Storytelling
• Michele Celentano – If You Print It, They Will Buy It
• Roberto Valenzuela – Come Learn Light to Communicate, Not Just Illuminate
• Marc Anthony & Tony Ryan – From Photographer to Entrepreneur 
• Bob & Dawn Davis – From A to Z
• Tamara Lackey – Simplify Your Business and Shooting Style to Maximize Profits , Client Referrals and Quality of Life
• Cliff Mautner – Killer Off-Camera Flash on a Budget
• Paul Ernest – How to Evoke the Story in Your Subject and Image
• Mike Fulton – Do Things the Right Way
• Rob Greer – Getting Sexy for Google: SEO for Photographers
• Craig LaMere – How to Create Studio Portraits on Location
• Vanessa Joy – Off-Camera Flash Scares Me
• Citlalli Rico – The #1 Strategy to Create Better Images for You and Your Clients
• Jen Rozenbaum – Boudoir, Weddings & Portraits: How to Make Every Woman Look Amazing
• Susan Stripling – The Art of Exposure
• Alison Carlino – One Light, Two Lights

Master Classes

• Melanie Anderson – Extreme Volume: How to Achieve 100K+ Volume in Photography
• Alison Carlino – Photographing for the Book Design: Shoot Like a Writer on a Wedding Day
• Joe & Mirta Barnet – Sell Digital Products to Make a Buck, or Sell Product to Make a Living 2.0
• Jeremy Chan – Great Tips for Composition & Post-Processing
• Tomayia Colvin – Building Your Brand by Giving Back
• Salvatore Dimino – How Can We Find Our Own Style?
• Danny & Julia Dong – Creating Unique Style & Signature Style
• David Hakamaki – Different Light for Different Looks
• Kenny Kim – Effective Strategies for Destination Wedding Photographers
• Joe Milton – The Secret Lives of Photographers – Results of an Anonymous Survey
• Huy Nguyen – Wedding Photojournalism Part II: Beyond Light Composition Moments
• Kristi Odom – The Roaming Photographer: How to Fund Your Lust for Travel
• Frank Salas – Shoot, Light and Pose the Engagement Portrait
• David Anthony Williams – Efficient, Lovely Groups & Simple, Classy Reception
• Tyler Wirken – Make Pictures, Not Just Take Pictures

Photo Walks

• Dee Green & Tracey Taylor – Love Wins (Again)!
• Jason & JoAnne Marino – Killer Off-Camera Flash on a Budget

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