Cool Freebies

There are some really cool freebies out there to be had. What’s more fun than entering a drawing and winning free stuff. Not much really. I love free stuff. So much fun.

Ice Light – From Fundy Software

This is one of the coolest portable lights I’ve used on location. It’s light, it’s portable, it throws out beautiful wrap around light. I love it. I’ve used it on a number of shoots, everything from athletes and brides to kids and seniors. Click here to enter. Enter this one quickly as it ends today.

iPad Mini – From Fundy Software

The iPad mini looks to be one of the coolest on-location ways of taking payments, showing off your work, checking email on the go, etc., for professional photographers. It’s big enough to show off all your cool stuff, but small enough to fit in a small camera bag or handbag. Man, I want one of these. Click Here To Enter on Facebook.

Free Seth Godin Marketing Books from Kismet

Seth Godin’s marketing books changed my life. It brought an entirely new way of looking at business, marketing and how to reach people. These five books, with careful reading, are just as useful as an MBA in marketing. Everyone should enter into this contest. Click Here To Enter On Facebook.