Increasing Album Sales with “The Day after Session”

November 27, 2018

Join us each month for our “Fundy Designer Storyteller Webinar Series.” The series features the absolute best photographers in the world. This month, Fundy Storyteller Dan Dalstra of Dan Dalstra Photography joins us live. In particular, Dan will be talking about why he loves “The Day after Session.” And why they’re great for album sales!
Dan is a wedding and portrait photographer, based in the gorgeous city of El Paso, Texas. In addition, Dan co-owns Agave Sol Photography. Dan started his photography career by studying photojournalism at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Then, after 8 years working for newspapers, he jumped head first into the world of wedding photography. And he hasn’t looked back!
Dan especially loves photographing destination weddings. In fact, he’s made quite a career out of photographing weddings abroad. He has documented wedding stories from the islands of Hawaii to Greece.
So why “The Day after Session”?
According to Dan: “The wedding day can often be crazy and disorganized. There is rarely time to make stunning portraits for the couple. However, during “The Day after Session,” the couple is way more relaxed. They don’t have all that wedding day stress. Therefore, there is plenty of time for epic portraits! … A few hours of relaxed, gorgeous photographs. And more often than not? Tequila!”
You can check out more of Dan’s work on Facebook and Instagram.
(Note, Dan Dalstra of dandalstra.com owns the copyright to these photographs. Fundy Designer used them with permission. Please do not copy, modify, or re-post this article, or the included photographs, without express permission from Fundy Designer and Dan Dalstra. Kindly share the heck outta it though!)


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