Design GraphiStudio Matted Albums in Fundy

GraphiStudio matted albums are a stunning and luxurious way to tell your clients’ story. Learn how you can design these beautiful albums within Fundy Designer in only a few short steps.



© Jerry Ghionis


Follow these simple steps in Fundy Designer to set up and design your matted album design with GraphiStudio:

1. Refer to the GraphiStudio Matted Album Specifications for US or GraphiStudio Matted Album Specifications for EU. We take a lot of the pain out of it, but matted albums require some extra review and checks.

2. In Fundy Designer, select GraphiStudio Matted Album

3. Make sure your spacing in the settings is set to at least 0.30


5.  Add a stroke (level 2 is fine)


6.  Download the FREE design set corresponding to your album. 

Note that their are specific Design Sets for Square, Horizontal and Vertical albums. Choose based on what album you are designing, or download them all for future reference.

When Auto Designing

When auto designing be sure to choose the Matted Album Design set for your album. 

Choosing New Layouts

Also, when choosing new layouts, stay away from the auto design unless you’ve changed your spacing manually. We recommend choosing from the layouts in the design set.


Reviewing Your Album

With a matted album it is extremely important to review your album to make sure all of your images are within the designated area. Watch this video to see how to review your album. 




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