Designer of the Year • Spring Winner Announced

June 02, 2015
Spring Quarter CB

Thank you to everyone who entered our Designer of the Year contest for the Spring quarter. We were overwhelmed by the incredible submissions we received, and it was a difficult decision for our judges. However, we’re pleased to announce our first, second and third place winners for Spring quarter.

Spring – First Place

Our Spring quarter first place winner is Camille Bensler of Jonetsu Studios in Vancouver, B.C.! The spreads Camille submitted were praised by the judges for incorporating original elements such as the parent’s wedding photos, and the beautiful use of overlays. Camille’s submission will be judged against the Summer, Fall and Winter quarter winners and one will be awarded 2015 Designer of the Year and the grand prize of $5,000.

© 2015 Jonetsu Studios

Spring Quarter CB 01

Spring Quarter CB 02 Spring Quarter CB 03 Spring Quarter CB 04 Spring Quarter CB 05

Spring – Second Place

Our second place winner was Marius Barbulescu of Marius Barbulescu Photography in Romania. The judges said these spreads had great storytelling elements, and felt like they were out of a movie – from the flirty first meeting to the happily ever after.

© 2015 Marius Barbulescu Photography

Spring Quarter MB 01 Spring Quarter MB 02 Spring Quarter MB 03 Spring Quarter MB 04 Spring Quarter MB 05


Spring – Third Place

Our third place winner for Spring was Shawn Marie Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography in Maui. The judges said these photos took them to a place where they could hear the music and feel the sense of swimming.

© 2015 Love and Water Photography

Spring Quarter SRA 01 Spring Quarter SRA 02 Spring Quarter SRA 03 Spring Quarter SRA 04 Spring Quarter SRA 05


Summer quarter will be opening on June 22, 2015, so we encourage everyone to enter to win the Summer quarter of Designer of the Year! Click here to visit the Designer of the Year page for more details on how to enter, rules and prizes.



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