Designing Parent or Duplicate Albums

Designing a “nearly” identical album can be tedious. The under-the-hood technology in Fundy Designer makes it easy to duplicate an album, make minor changes and even have it printed at a different size or dimension.

Photo © The Harris Co.

Duplicate the Album

The first step is simply to duplicate the main album. You can do this by using the duplicate icon next to the name of the album you are working on.

All photos in album are taken by Robert J Hill ©

Make Changes

Now that the album is duplicated, make any changes you would like: deleting spreads, swamping out images, adding spreads.


Change the Size and Type

If you are printing the exact same album for the parents, you can send it to print now. But often times parent albums are smaller and may even be a different album company or book line.

Click the pencil icon next to the size of the album.

Now you can change the album company, album line, size and even the name of the album in your project.

Fundy Designer will auto-adjust the layout to fit the new album size and specs.


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