Drum up new sales with Kismet Father’s Day Template

Father’s Day is right around the corner from Mother’s Day so this is the best time to market sessions with/for dad. And we’ve just added a new Kismet template that you can send to your client list to book this business.

Email marketing is the easiest, least expensive way to add profits to your studio, and Kismet will do it all for you.  You should be sending out two to three emails a month to your newsletter list and this Father’s Day template is perfect for this month in advance of the holiday in June.


What are the best days to send my emails?

We’ve found that the best days of the week to send emails are Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday, with Fridays being the least effective day. It’s easy … just select a template, upload your images and tweak the text to fit your studio. If you want to read some more about Email Marketing, we’ve got an awesome, free eBook for you here.

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