Faster Client Approvals with Design Proofer

August 28, 2018

Our online Design Proofer is the ultimate sales tool built with your business in mind. From automated email reminders to album agreements, Design Proofer is more than just a way to show your clients their album designs. It’s also a way to automate your business so you no longer have to chase clients to get approvals. The sleek design of Proofer allows you to present your album designs from anywhere in the world and not lose the “wow” factor of IPS.



There’s a huge trend toward in-person sales in our industry right now. And it’s true – the research out there is showing huge success with in-person design and order consultations. But what about those of us who shoot destination weddings? Or those of us who live somewhere remote from many of our clients? On the other hand, maybe you do meet your clients in person for the album order session, but you prefer to have the design finalized before that meeting. Our online Design Proofer is perfect for all the above. Present your professional album designs via Proofer, where clients can watch their album in a slideshow and click through manually. They can make comments if they want changes, but are ultimately encouraged by the giant “Approve Design” button.




Two Mann Studios


“We love Design Proofer. It allows us to work from any coffee shop in the world and get our album designs approved.” – Erika Mann.



Design Proofer was specifically created to drive clients to approve their designs. The big orange “Approve Design” button encourages clients to skip the “changes” step and just get their album.



Jen Rozenbaum – Nikon Ambassador


“I don’t even allow my clients to make changes, so the ability to remove the changes option is perfect for my workflow.”

Design Proofer was made with the flexibility of the professional in mind. You can choose to not even give the clients an option to request changes, like Jen Rozenbaum. Additionally, only allow clients to make changes after agreeing to your album design conditions. You even have the ability to customize the text and logo of your email reminders.



Design Proofer is an integral part of Pro Enhancements and the professional photographer’s workflow. Get your first year for just $119 (a $60 savings) when you activate Pro Enhancements.



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