Feature – Automation and Flexibility

When I started Fundy Software, I was frustrated with templates. Always trying to fit my images into some predetermined boxes, and any changes after that were next to impossible. With our patented Drop Zone® technology, we strive to automate as much as we can, while giving you the creative freedom to do what you love. In this post we’ll look at some of the automation and flexibility in each Fundy Designer module.

Album Builder

The fastest way for me to work in Album Builder is to start with an auto design from the Quick Design Picker® and then modify it. Remember, one you get a design how you like it, you can save your own designs to the Quick Design Picker. So, feel free to start with one of your own designs you’ve saved along the way.

Then once the base design is on the spread, making a couple changes, which would be arduous in template-based software, is a breeze.


Gallery Designer

Wall art templates in the photographic industry are even more constraining than album templates. Our goal with our newest module Gallery Designer is to turn the entire industry on its head, allowing you to design anything your heart, or your client’s heart, desires. Gallery Designer is launching this fall.


Blog Collage

In many ways, Blog Collage is a mini Album Builder. It shares the most features with Album Builder – from Drop Zones to multiple “pages.” Blog Collage’s automation is both in the layouts and the looks. Let’s take a look at Blog Collage:


Image Brander

Image Brander is, in our opinion, the most powerful way to watermark your images. We like to refer to watermarking as branding, because it not only protects your images, it markets your brand. See How:


If you already have Fundy Designer, start playing around more with the automation. If you don’t own Fundy Designer yet, check out the free trial and join the tens of thousands of Fundy Designer users. Click Here for Free Trial