Feature – Be Social Media Ready

Presenting Your Brand

The key to Image Brander and Blog Collage is to create a cohesive look for your blog posts and social media that echoes your brand. Then you can reuse that look in the future at any time in both Image Brander and Blog Collage with just a few clicks.


blog 2

Instagram-Ready and More

In addition to being able to brand images and collages in seconds, Image Brander and Blog Collage speed up your workflow with two key social media tools. First, you can post directly to Facebook.

facebook blog collage

Additionally, there are Instagram-ready options in Image Brander and Blog Collage. Just turn on the “Square Canvas” option and you are ready to brand and output for Instgram.


Legal Protection

It’s no secret that images are being stolen left and right on the Internet. When it is a client who crops out a logo and uses the image as their profile picture, we often give them slack. But what if it is another photographer presenting your work as their own? Or even worse, a business uses your photographs for their own business purposes. If it is evident that they removed the logo by cropping it out or digitally removing it, that shows evidence of a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in addition to copyright infringement.

SEO Savvy

Image Brander, and soon Blog Collage & Album Builder, take whatever SEO/Copyright information you have in your images and includes that on output. If you take the time to batch write copyright and SEO info into your images in Photo Mechanic or Lightroom, we’ll respect that. We will include that metadata on export. In an upcoming update, we will also take the metadata of the first image in a Blog Collage or album spread and apply that same metadata.

Give It a Go

If you are already using Fundy Designer and just own Album Builder, Image Brander and Blog Collage are already in trial mode within Designer, so give them a try. If you haven’t used Fundy Designer yet, download the free trial.