Feature – Blog Collage and Image Brander in Your Workflow

With the dawn of social media, blogging, and less than honest people, branding and storytelling has become even more important. With these challenges in mind we’ve created v6 of Image Brander and Blog Collage



The moment you post an image anywhere online, you are no longer in control of that image. It will be shared, it will be downloaded to clients’ iPhone, it will be found on a Google image search, and may end up on other blogs, sites, etc. There is no technical way you can 100 percent protect an image. Right+click prevention on websites is a joke. Anyone can quickly do a screen capture and your image is now free and clear, ready to be shared across the world.



 © Jeza Photography

Branding your images with your logo gives one more step of legal coverage. If someone does remove your logo they are in violation of these legal statutes.



As photographers we are in a visual world. Every photo we post on the internet is a potential advertisement. If we are not branding our images with our logo and website information we are not communicating our brand. Sure, we may put that information in the blog post or Facebook post, but if our images are shared, downloaded and reposted, etc., our brand needs to travel with them. Hence the name “Image Brander.”



One of the most important parts of being a portrait or wedding photographer is storytelling. It’s our job to tell a story. Whether it be the story of the day, the story of a family or a story of a child. If we communicate to our clients that we are storytellers, we show our clients that they need to look at the bigger moment, the bigger story in their life. This will lead to more album sales and wall collage sales. With this in mind we created Blog Collage v6. We wanted to make it the fastest storyteller on the planet.



© Chrisman Studios


When To Use Image Brander

Image Brander should be used anytime you are posting anything to the web, period. Your images will travel and whether you are posting to Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, etc., make sure your images are branded and styled with your look and your logo.


When To Use Blog Collage

I’m a big fan of using Blog Collage as a teaser. After a wedding, your couple is super excited to see your wedding photography. A day or two after the wedding, use Blog Collage to tell the mini, condensed version of the wedding. Get them excited about their photos, but also get them excited about their story. And the same goes with portraits. When I was shooting in the studio, I had an 80 percent buy rate with 10 page portrait albums. People love them and 10 pages is super fast to design. So get them in the mode of a story with Blog Collage also. The only caveat with portraits is this: only post a Blog Collage the day before their viewing. Being able to see too many of your images too often before the viewing kills sales.



© Jeza Photography


Additionally, Blog Collage is perfect for Pinterest boards and marketing materials. I’ve created a “portfolio” project in Fundy Designer where I have all of my “portfolio images.” Then at any time I can create a quick collage for any website, Pinterest, a blog post for a partner, etc.


We Hope You Love Them

Creating these new versions of Image Brander and Blog Collage has been a labor of love. We’re excited to get them out there and let you use them.


Blog Collage v6 and Image Brander v6 are available as a bundle add-on to Album Builder v6, and will be released June 18. Click here for more information on our early bird pricing available now.