Feature – Duplicate an Album in Album Builder

Ready to have your mind blown? With Album Builder v6 you can duplicate an album, change the size and aspect ratio using our Drop Zone™ technology, morphing an entire album instantly.

In the past, album design software was a painful process to make drastic changes in size or aspect ratio. You basically had to design the album all over again. But those days are a thing of the past.

Ever had this happen: you present an album design to your clients and they change their mind wanting a vertical book instead? No problem. What if you upsell them on a larger album? Check. Imagine designing parent albums with different images and never breaking a sweat.

Buy hey, don’t take my word for it. Let me show you how easy it is to duplicate an album in Album Builder. Are you sitting down? You’re going to want to pay attention here. It’s as easy as opening your project and right-clicking the album sub-project you want to duplicate and choosing “Duplicate” from the contextual menu.


As easy as that is, the real magic is just beginning. Now that you have a duplicate album, change the name, change the album company, change the aspect ratio, swap out a few photos. The sky is the limit. Best of all, Album Builder will dynamically morph your designs to reflect your changes. This is all done through our revolutionary Drop Zones™.


And because we want you to be happy and successful, here’s this week’s bonus tip. Give all your projects and sub-projects custom names. It’s simple, but like most simple things, it can have a huge impact on your workflow. It’s kind of a hidden feature that most people miss. One of our developers shared this with me as I was putting together the video and I was blown away.


You don’t have to do this. Fundy Designer will automatically name your projects, but if you have a lot of projects, it’s easy to quickly forget what’s what when you are sorting through generic, software generated names. A good workflow helps prevent duplicate project names (on export) and helps you organize your projects.

It’s easy to do. Open a project and you’ll see a list of sub-projects. Open the sub-project you want to rename and click on the icon in the left column. Told you it was simple. Once you do this for all your projects, it’s much easier to quickly locate a client project.


Use Fundy Sofware’s Album Builder with the revolutionary Drop Zone™ technology. It’ll save you time and that’s smart. To see this week’s feature live, watch the video below.

If you aren’t already using Fundy Designer, download a free trial. And if you’d like to follow Fundy on his adventures in Japan, you can find him on Instagram!