Feature – Instagram™ Ready Looks In Image Brander™

In our next free update, coming early December, Image Brander™ will export Instagram ready images. We know that many photographers are now marketing on Instagram and we want to make sure you have the best images possible to post.

Instagram Ready Features


We have an Instagram Ready style that you can see on the bottom left. We also have a “Square Canvas” toggle. So feel free to take any styles you’ve already created and use this toggle to create a new Instagram version.

Pin Your Style

Pin Style

After you create a style, go ahead and pin it, so you can use it again.

Smart Verticals and Horizontals

vertical and horizontal

You can see that we worked hard to make sure your looks display will on both vertical and horizontal images.

Some Results

0021_DSC_2744 0022_DSC_2809-Edit-Edit-Edit 0024_DSC_2843-Edit-Edit 0025_DSC_2868-Edit-2-Edit 0026_DSC_2887-EditAll images © Dark Roux Photography