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Kimberly and Chris of Kimberly Kay Photography are full-time wedding, portrait and commercial photographers, and travel all over the West Coast and beyond to capture unique love stories. Based out of Bend, Oregon, they like to think of their photography style as fun, simple, honest, authentic and timeless. They also enjoy the pursuit of challenges in their work, and strive to create and “deliver photographs under a myriad of circumstances.”

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How did you get started in photography?

I have been lucky to come from a family of four generations of professional photographers. Growing up as a child spending countless hours playing on the floor of my father’s dark room, it must of just been destiny. For the past 12 years I  have focused my full-time career on weddings and portraiture. Chris has a degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, and studied design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Chris has a longstanding career in the fashion industry including commercial, product and sports. His client lists have ranged from Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Altrec.com, REI, Sally Hansen, Boeing, among many more. Chris’ assignments have taken his work all across the United States. We eventually combined our experience and photography interests into one focusing on weddings full time six years ago.

What has contributed to your success?

The web presence has been a huge contribution to our creative development as well as exposure for our business. Camera technology has continued to grow leaps and bounds, and so the quality of our work just grows and allows the creativity to go even further. And lastly customer service – catering to our clients has brought an amazing amount of referrals, which has allowed us to thrive and continue to grow.

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What is the most important thing for your continued success?

Staying current and customer service! Can’t stress enough how important it is to build relationships with your “paying” customers. It comes back in ways we couldn’t imagine with all sorts of wonderful opportunities.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have ever received was from a musician whom I highly respect. It was to always have the love and passion in your career first. Take baby steps, stay humble and always keep learning. Not sure it’s exactly “business” advice per se, but those words always stuck with me. And I think it’s a huge part of why 12 years later, it still keeps me going day to day.

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What is most important in your photography?

What I strive for most in my photography is to capture images that evoke some sort of emotion.

What do you love most about your work?

The romance in my imagery.

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