Featured Photographer – Walter van Dusen

Photography has been a passion of Walter’s since high school.  While stationed onboard a fast attack submarine, he visited many countries with his ever present trusty camera.  Walter’s daughter Hannah was born in 1996 and, of course, he became a “Dad with camera.” In 1997, Walter realized he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a professional photographer.  It was after this realization that Walter attended photography school, workshops, seminars, mentoring sessions and assisted other photographers to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.  He fell in love with weddings and has been on a quest for continuing education and perfecting his craft ever since. Walter has set a goal for himself: to see more at weddings, going beyond what is just in front of him, looking around and finding the moments that no one expects me to see.”

Walter Van Dusen is the creator of Mystic Seminars–one of the premier hands-on workshops with the world’s leading wedding and portrait photographers. Learn more about Mystic Seminars Right Here.