Featured Work – Lynn Michelle

Our latest featured photographer is Lynn Michelle based out of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We love her eye for larger-than-life wedding shots in that documentary style. Lynn also has a talent for beautiful boudoir imagery–great style all around, producing always-consistent shots for her clients.

Take a look at some of her featured work below or see more at http://www.lynnmichelle.com


This is a great shot for many reasons: the lighting, poise of her bride, amazing setting. Lynn makes great use of the details on the ceiling panels to give her bride that extra regal look. Shooting from below (or above) can make for some amazing work as well. I like the angles that are created on the ceiling, which add a natural frame to the bride.


Lynn shoots elegant, yet creative images as part of her boudoir photography business. Her shots are always tasteful, well-lit and bring out another side of her clients. Whether she’s shooting at home or in a studio, her photos tell a story and fit the personalities well of her subjects.


What I like about this shot is the composition–the lighting is warm, the setting is natural and this couple’s body language is playful. The sun’s rays make the photo that much warmer and this couple looks perfectly at home here in this field. Just a classic, simple and gorgeous shot.


On Lynn’s web site, she mentions this shot is part of a Trash the Dress ritual. I love this dramatic photo, especially with the light-hearted and playful sneakers. She is well-lit but you still get the beautiful twilight in the background. Lynn writes on her blog to think outside the box for these occasions, which is something she does really well.


Play with light. I like how Lynn makes good use of white and black space in this photo. This shot is framed really well and she is good at creating these photos with great angles, putting the spotlight on her subjects. She’s got a lot more like this on her website. Be sure to check them out! Thanks Lynn!