Featured Work: Rhee Bevere

San Francisco-based photographer Rhee Bevere is a fantastic artist who knows how to tell a good story through her medium. Not only is she super friendly but she’s got great work ethic and focuses on taking the time to get to know the people she’s shooting. Her style captures the iconic moments that happen during a wedding and we love her eye for that. Take a look at some of Rhee’s top shots and see what I’m talking about.

What I love about this image is the powerful emotion attached to it. Her beautiful shots are packed with feeling and they really draw you in to the mood of the day.

Rhee likes to document the tears, hugs and smiles when shooting a wedding from the bride and groom to the extended family and guests. This shot is classic and something the couple will always look back to with fond memories.

A lot of her images are all about capturing reactions and this one definitely embodies that style. I love the flying garter belt and this exact moment that she has snapped.

This photo really strikes me because it’s all about the setting of the day. This is not only a touching moment between the couple but it’s a nice landscape image that puts the viewer right in the place. You can almost feel the warm sun and smell the roses here.

What I love about this image is the perspective. Going outside the box and shooting from up above or below, depending on where you are, is a great way to mix things up. This shot is a nice twist on the first dance.

We really appreciate you sharing your work Rhee, thanks! Want to see more? Visit her site. Thanks for the inspiration!