Automation made for PROFESSIONALS

Built for photographers who want to deliver sophisticated design with professionalism and ease.

New Design Wizard

With just a click– retouch all your photos, design an album, multiple wall art collections, and a card. 


Design and even customize stunning albums in minutes. Hundreds of templates and design choices for flush mount, matted albums, signing books and more. Album Builder® gives you complete control. 

Wall Art

Design wall art collections that your clients want in a matter of clicks. Show them off in one of our many stock rooms or on an imported photo of clients’ home. Canvas wraps, metal or framed prints, deliver it all.


Offer more and sell more with card designs for every occasion. Customize with ease to show off your unique style and let your clients’ cards sell for you.

Studio Magazines and More

Pre-designed and pre-written but fully and easily customizable, studio magazines will set you up for success.

Design Library

Hundreds of templates at your fingertips, pre-designed and pre-written for you to customize as you like. Design elements and accents to reflect your and your client’s style. Stock rooms and music to make your sales effortless. New materials added monthly to keep up with the ever-changing and emerging trends.

Auto Design

One-click auto design gives you an entire album in seconds. Easily swap, move, scale or remove photographs or layouts for easy customization.

Quick Design Picker

With thousands of layouts to choose from, you can create designs that capture the moment and wow your clients.

Full Design Control

Patented Drop Zones® technology makes layout adjustments and customizations fun and easy. Add, delete, scale, slide, and swap images easily while other elements on the layout auto adjust for perfect balance.

One-Click Retouching

Retouch skin naturally, brighten eyes and complete under-eye correction with one click. Batch 1000s of images for perfection in seconds.

Album Design Clients Love

Fundy Designer’s automation features bring it all together so you can design albums your clients see and love. Paired with built in slideshows and online proofing, allows you to showoff and sell without “selling” – making you unstoppable and way more profitable!

Make Money with IPS

Triple your client sales with professional design and the sales tools to show them off, upsell, and close the deal.

Award-Winning Design Proofer

Share your designs with ease with the world’s first and only multi-design proofer. With automated email reminders and visual client feedback you will sell more in less time. Unlimited Uploads. 


Our built in slideshows are the #1 tool that help our photographers sell more print. Show off your images and designs, set it all to music from our design library, or your own, capture the emotional memory, and easily sell more.

Built-in Sales Assistance

With automated email reminders and confirmations, to professional client orders, you won’t lose the opportunity to sell more print to your clients. Plus, with easy exports for website content and the Social Design App that auto designs stories and carousels with 1 click, you can put your best work out there for all to see.

Social Design App

Create social media slideshows, stories, and carousels; all with just one click. Simply upload photos, add text, and you’re done. Promote your products and services with ease and fill your social media calendar in minutes. Stay fresh with new templates added every month.

Extra Profits. $50K-$100K

Many first time users report they made their first $5K print sale the very first time they use Fundy Designer. Average additional yearly print revenue is $100K with rock star ambassadors making upward of $500K in print sales.

150+ Labs Worldwide Supported

All the sizes and specs for the world’s best labs are built into the software making it easier for you and removing any margin of error. And add custom sizes to print anywhere in the world. 

Get Your Life Back

Imagine what you could do if you could save countless hours editing, designing, and selling (or even just being anxious about selling) printed albums, wall art and more. Not to mention also making more money!

40,000+ Users Worldwide

There is a reason the world’s best wedding and portrait photographers, not to mention 98% of wedding and portrait camera ambassadors use Fundy Designer.

Revolutionize Your Business

Join the ranks of 40k+ strong and solidify your photography business. Save time, design better and make more. Now that’s success by design. Welcome.

See Pricing

As photographers, we have the incredible honor of documenting stories. These are legacies that will be passed on for generations to come. One of the most effective ways to preserve a story is in a book, and that’s why my clients love getting albums from their session. Fundy Designer makes the album designing process a breeze!

Caroline Tran

Favorite thing about Fundy: that I get to design, proof and most importantly sell – all inside of Fundy. I love sitting down with our clients directly inside of Album Builder and use Fundy as a live editing suite.

BenH headshot
Ben Hartley

Fundy Designer allows me to produce beautifully designed albums, wall art and magazines. With Fundy, what used to be a time-consuming and tedious process, is now a fast, efficient and seamless experience.

Kesha Lambert

I use Fundy with every single wedding – even those that didn’t get an album in advance. Seeing the album full of moments and memories in Proofer means it doesn’t matter if they intended to get an album. They NEED IT. And I want them to have it even outside of business and money. I want their memories and their stories in print for their family to look through.

Charmi Peña

Since I started using Fundy back in 2014, my album orders have gone through the roof!  With the ease of design, I’ve cut my design time by over half, and almost doubled my album turnover and additional spread orders.

Scott Johnson

Fundy lets me provide amazing designs to my clients in a fast and easy way that saves me tons of time and makes me money.

Vanessa Joy

With Fundy I can easily design a full album in 5-7 minutes. I don’t dread album design anymore (in fact I look forward to it).

Jen Rozenbaum

Fundy Software’s Drop Zone® technology is absolutely incredible. That’s what really puts Fundy above the rest.

Jerryg new
Jerry Ghionis

I’m the type of ‘photo-preneaur’ that loves to research everything before making the absolute best decision for my business.  Fundy impressed me with its all-in-one features and simple aesthetics. It offers me the best options for customization without overwhelming my clients, making my design consults and order sessions seamless and more profitable. Making the switch to Fundy Designer has streamlined our process saving me time, while skyrocketing sales. To top it off, I love knowing I’m working with a company that is on par with my passion for printed art.

Screen Shot    at
Makayla Jade Harris

If you told me I had to choose ONE tool besides my camera and computer to have in my business, I’d pick Fundy Software every time.

Raquita Henderson

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