Flat Fundy Makes His Debut

August 08, 2014

This year our team attended the Oregon Brewers Festival at the same time our beloved CEO, Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg, was in Japan with his family. We couldn’t have him missing out on the fun, so naturally we had to bring him along in the form of a life size cutout. Naming the cutout “Flat Fundy,” we headed downtown, and into the festival. While we expected some heads to turn, we never anticipated the incredible amount of attention Flat Fundy received.

Collage 1

We had some awesome photographer friends join us for the ride, including Britney Gardner from Turn Loose the Art (who was also kind enough to take all the images in this blog post), as well as J.P and Amy Prutch from The Art of Joy. Flat Fundy was such a draw, he was even interviewed by two camera crews.

Collage 2

We plan to continue the adventures of Flat Fundy, so stay tuned!

All images © Britney Gardner

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