Fundy Buzz

Susan Stripling

Susan Stripling Photography

Crazy fast, super simple and perfectly intuitive. I can say with great joy that my search is over. Album Builder is what I’ve always been looking for!

Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey Photography

After using Fundy Designer I can’t imagine going back to anything else. It has streamlined my design process and simplified sales.

Ben & Erin Chrisman

Chrisman Studios

We can count on the Fundy team to continuously make our lives better by creating products that become the bedrock of our post production workflow.

Cliff Mautner

Cliff Mautner Photography

Fundy Designer is one of the most important tools in my studio.

William Innes

William Innes Photography

Fundy Designer saves me hours of production time for every wedding. This extra time is spent marketing which results in continued business growth! Fundy Designer is my secret weapon.

Mike Allebach

Allebach Photography

I can design and album in a tenth of the time it would take in another program. That’s what I love about Fundy.

Camille Bensler

Jonetsu Studios

It’s not an understatement to say that our lives changed when we connected with the Fundy Software suite. It’s very important to us to have complete creative control of our album designs and the ability to tell the story in a visually arresting way…template-free designing makes this possible.

Ben Hartley

Style & Story Creative

Favorite thing about Fundy: that I get to design, proof and most importantly sell – all inside of Fundy. I love sitting down with our clients directly inside of Album Builder and use Fundy as a live editing suite.

Tracey Taylor & Dee Green

37 Frames

From the incredible Album Builder we use on a daily basis (wherever in the world we may be), to the outstanding customer service & the warmth of the Fundy Team. Designing on the road has never been easier and more enjoyable.

Media Buzz & Press Releases

April 2019

Fundy Designer Pro Suite Review

"Fundy Designer is a suite of software that simplifies album design and helps with wall art creation and sales."

January 2019

Fundy Designer’s Latest Feature Drops | Studio Magazine Design (Made Easy)

"Fundy recently added the ability to design studio magazines, along with accompanying marketing cards. It really is studio magazine design made easy."

June 2018

3 Ways Fundy Designer Will Save You Time and Make You Money

"I found Fundy Designer and my design life changed forever. Not only did it save me time, it also made me more money."

March 2018

Fundy Designer 7 Pro Suite

"Speed up album design and boost print sales with this intuitive software package."

June 2017

School’s In: Fundy Launches Online Education Site on Boosting Print Sales

"You'll be given access to the step-by-step sales approaches and marketing techniques favored by some of the industry's leading pros."

March 2017

Fundy Designer Updated & New Tiered Structure

"It’s worth noting that Fundy’s broad adoption among wedding professionals is not without reason."

March 2017

7 Photo Start-Ups Destined for Greatness

"If you haven’t used this software for in-person sales (or even remote sales), you’re going to kick yourself."

March 2017

Fundy Suite Offers Wedding Photographers Tiered Pricing for Album Design and Sales Tools

"Fundy Designer takes a template-free approach to album creation, with an emphasis on easy and quick operation."

November 2016

Fundy Designer Named Top 10 Product for Photographers in 2017

"It’s fast, it’s easy and gives you the ability to design albums before you finish that first cup of coffee."

September 2016

Review: Using Fundy Designer 7 to Create Wedding Album Designs in Minutes

"The program overall is simple, fast, clean and easy to use."

August 2016

Fast Forward with Fundy

"With v7, Fundy has taken an already must-have album builder to the next level."

July 2016

Fundy Designer v7: Making Photo Album Building Fun

"Bottom line, Fundy takes something that is cumbersome and time consuming and actually makes it fun, easy and fast."

July 2016

Fundy Designer v7 Review

"This version is a beautifully implemented evolution and a true game changer."

June 2016

Shoot & Sell Compelling Photo Albums

"Rediscover the magic and value of the printed photo."

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