Gallery Designer Features

With the first round of the Gallery Designer pre-sale coming to a close, we wanted to walk you through some of the main features of this exciting new product. There are plenty of other microfeatures we’ll dive into down the road, but today we’re highlighting the key features. Note: we’ll be offering pre-sale pricing on Gallery Designer through August – purchase here. All images © William Innes.

Template-Free Wall Art Design

While the paperwork is not in our hands, we have gotten notice that are patent has been approved for Drop Zone® technology. The same flexible design you’ve grown to love for albums is now available for wall art. This means that you can simply drop images onto a wall and see a design in seconds.

quick design picker

You can use the Quick Design Picker® for automated designs that aren’t templates. The Quick Design Picker adapts to your images, finds what sizes are available and creates a design for you. Then you can customize your design however you want from there.

room view

Creating custom designs, altering auto designs and saving your own designs are all available with a click of a button.


Image Slide Shows

Doing a design consultation or an in person sales session? Start with a slideshow. We’ve included 10 songs for free (a $600 value) from Triple Scoop Music.


In addition to being able to choose your music, you can choose to show all images, or just the favorites. Or if you would like to replay the slideshow for a client, you can view the the remaining non-favorites. Sort by name, date or play randomly. Also, choose how long an image will display for. (Note: Gallery Designer will only play live slideshows, it will not export movie files. Additionally the slideshow will only be included for owners of Gallery Designer).


Here is a preview of Trip Scoop Music songs included. Also, a 10% coupon code is included if you desire to purchase additional songs.

Sample Slide Show


Image Tagging and Sorting

tag images

Tag favorite images with the “heart” icon – you can use your left and right arrow keys to move between images. You can also use your up arrow key to tag an image, use your down arrow key to untag an image.

sort images

Easily sort images: show all images, only tagged images or only untagged images.

Auto Color-Wrap, Image Wrap Canvas, Metals and More

We are working with our professional direct and non-direct labs to give you canvas wraps and metal prints at launch. Later, we will be adding the new wood prints you are starting to see from various labs as well as matted prints and frames in 2016.

color wrap

Simple In-Person Sales

The ability to design compelling wall art, work through favorites and show emotive slideshows makes Gallery Designer perfect for running in-person sales sessions.  To make it even easier for you, we’ve partnered with Design Aglow to give you a professional order sheet with your clients.

order sheet

The order sheet is always available under the Help menu. At this time we are unsure as to whether we will create a digital invoice/order system, but we’ve heard from our customers that handwritten order sheets produce higher sales.

Stock Rooms, Add Your Own Room & Project At Size

Gallery Designer gives you three choices when designing wall art: you can use one of our stock rooms, add your own room (or your client’s) or project the designs at the actual size on the wall.

stock rooms or your own

See it in action


Order Direct or Export – We Crop For You

One of the biggest pains about ordering wall art is all the cropping and ordering that goes into it. We do all the cropping (and uprezzing for you) and you can even order it direct through one of our Fundy Direct labs. Or, simply export and order from anywhere you like. We’ll even will add color borders for you.

Gallery Designer Retail $249 – Pre-Sale of $139 Ends August 31

As a very special thank you to all of our current fans, we are offering a very sweet pre-order sale. You can pre-order Gallery Designer for just $139 until August 31, 2015. We’re expecting an early October release, and when it arrives, if you don’t completely love it, we’ll give you your money back.

Pre-order here.