Goodbye to the World’s Greatest Entrepreneur

One of my favorite jokes is: “What’s French for ‘unemployable’?” Answer: “Entrepreneur.”

As with many people, I’m marking my goodbye to all the things Steve Jobs brought us in our world. His stubbornness brought us the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone and a line of computers that ‘fit’ the creative. As with anyone, he had his flaws, one only need to watch documentaries made about him. But, what he meant to me, as I think he meant to many people, was “the great entrepreneur.”

As Apple grew from nothing to the multi-billion-dollar behemoth it is today, it seemed to be always run by Jobs as a hobby, as something fun to do. He would reveal new products like little kids reveal their Christmas presents to their friends on December 26. “Look at this! Look how this works! But then you turn it this way and it does this instead!” It was clear that he truly loved what he did, as he always said.

This graduation address to Stanford is a beautiful speech about both the past and the future. He urges the newly graduated students to follow their love and do what they love. I think this notion is often misconstrued when the advice is given. Don’t simply do what you love, but do something great. Life is too short and the world is too large to “live someone else’s dream,” as Mr. Jobs says. After watching this video, we should all be encouraged to go and do what we love and do something great. What would that be? That’s the best part, it’s different for everyone.