Guest Tip – Why Print is Important By Steve Saporito

With several decades of invaluable experience, Steve Saporito has become Australia’s most sought after Photographic Business training coach. Steve empowers transformation through the photographic experience. He believes changing the client experience enables transformation within the photographer to redefine their possibility and open up opportunities that have always existed, but rarely seen.

Many people say that people just do not value photography anymore. I do not believe this to be true. I believe that most people do not value themselves enough to be photographed and it is that low sense of self worth that stops them from investing in themselves.

Photography is no longer about selling photos. It is about adding value to someone’s life. As artists we need to see someones true value before they do, and we need to find the hidden treasure that has been lost inside of them over time. Buried by life’s “stuff” and distractions, by everyone telling us what we are and are not capable of doing and being.


Photography gives us the opportunity to ask the questions and make a stand for people and help them rediscover what is really important. All those things they now take for granted and help them savor every moment.

Photography is no longer about selling photos. It is about adding value to someone’s life.

We need to become the archaeologists of emotion for our clients and care enough to discover what is buried inside of them that they can, and should be celebrating every day.


Discovering what is important to a client and allowing them to have a transformational experience, because we cared enough to ask transforms their lives forever sets us apart from the snap happy photographers. We effectively breathe life back into our clients through this discovery and the photographic experience.


Celebrating life is what we do as wedding and portrait photographers, and as life continues we need to be reminded of what lights our souls. Life can cast some shadows sometimes, and it is important to have access to all of those positive feelings that help us stay true to who we are and stay out of the shadows. Printing beautiful artwork in the form of albums brings those emotions to life every day, and reminds us how valuable we are as individuals and as a family.


I remember Olivia telling me that the album she has on display has become a moving work of art in her home. Her album “lives” on a sideboard with no other distraction. The centre piece that needs nothing else, supported on a stand and each page represents another emotion that feeds her for the day and supports her life.

This is not a memory that was captured, this is life that was rediscovered and breathes through each page.

As she turns each page she sees that person that she wants to be every day that has the courage to face another day. She is reminded of the child inside and the joy she has to share with the world. She sees her husband’s fingertips brush her cheek and is instantly transported to that moment of tenderness.


We all need support sometimes and there is no value that can be placed on a living album that showcases the best version of ourselves. This is not a memory that was captured, this is life that was rediscovered and breathes through each page. It reaches out to us when we need it the most and reminds us of what is important.