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Jacklyn Greenberg’s Secrets to 5-Figure Photography Sales

January 10, 2024

In the dynamic world of photography, success is not just about capturing stunning images, but also about understanding the business side – particularly, maximizing sales. We recently sat down with Storyteller Jacklyn Greenberg of JAGstudios, to discuss her tips and tricks for achieving consistent five-figure sales. In this blog post, you’ll get tips on how to deeply resonate with your clients using Fundy Designer, starting from initial consultations to the final presentation of stunning albums and wall art.

Jacklyn’s Approach to Client Preparation
Jacklyn emphasizes the importance of building a deep connection with clients. Her approach starts with in-depth conversations, aimed at understanding what’s truly meaningful to them. “It’s about uncovering their driving desires,” Jacklyn notes. “This initial step is crucial in creating artwork that resonates on a personal level.”

2 Key Questions:
Two specific questions Jacklyn asks her clients have been instrumental in her success:

  1. “If you could keep only one photograph from this entire experience, who and what would it be of?”
  2. “Where in your home would the energy and feeling from this moment have the most impact?”

These questions make clients think about how meaningful the photographs will be, setting the stage for photos that are both heartfelt and impactful.

Jacklyn’s Post-Shoot Client Presentation Techniques:
During the shoot, Jacklyn remains focused on capturing the emotional essence, using a ‘selling by not selling’ strategy. This approach puts clients at ease and allows moments to unfold naturally. After the shoot, her presentation method is structured yet engaging.

Jacklyn starts with a highlights slideshow presented in random order, allowing clients to relive their moments freely, not confined by a timeline. ‘It’s about showcasing the event as a holistic experience,’ she explains. Jacklyn utilizes Fundy Designer to craft albums, wall art, and her engaging slideshow for client viewing. Her preparation ensures a seamless and impactful experience, setting the stage for natural and successful sales.

Key Takeaways:
Jacklyn’s approach, combined with her use of Fundy Designer, allows her to successfully achieve 5-figure photography sales. It’s not just about the tools, but how you use them to connect with clients and present your work in the most compelling way. Try to use these tips the next time you have a session and conduct an in-person sale!

Watch the Full Interview Here!
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