Jerry Ghionis’ Top Five Tips for Selling

Award-winning Nikon and Fundy Ambassador, Jerry Ghionis, shares his five most important tips & tricks for boosting client sales.

Tip #1: Include Albums in Your Packages  

Even in the base package, include an album. Each tier should include a bigger and more luxurious album. Once your clients know they are getting an album no matter what, use the power of storytelling to show them the beauty of their own story; they will always upgrade to a bigger album once they see this.

Tip #2: Have Sample Products

Your studio space should demonstrate that you are passionate about the printed product. If you are not passionate, your clients won’t have any reason to be either. Ensure you have plenty of sample albums and wall art to showcase to clients and let them see the quality and impact of these products in person or virtually. 


@ Jerry Ghionis with GraphiStudio albums


Tip #3: Display a Complete Wedding Album on Your Website 

People buy what they see. If you aren’t displaying an entire album on your website, potential clients won’t have any reference to what you are selling. Displaying multiple albums on your website can showcase versatility and reinforce your signature style. Anyone can have a great photo or two on their website, but you can’t fake an incredible wedding album. When clients see gorgeous albums, it will reinforce their confidence in your ability to capture an entire wedding story and display it beautifully.

Tip #4: Present the Album “In-Person” 

You don’t want to simply send your album online and let your clients review on their own. When clients click through an album at their own pace, they are shopping with logic instead of emotion. They might focus on individual photos rather than the impact of the spreads themselves. Present the slideshow or album design in person or via Zoom so you can draw out the emotions of their special day. You can then walk them through your design and how each page of the album is a piece of their story. The design approval will be on the spot instead of having to go back and forth in email with proposed edits.

Tip #5: Don’t Penny Pinch 

Select one album company or printing lab that offers the products you want to make available for your clients. Establish a relationship with these companies to create a better business partnership, this will bring more value to you long-term. If you can pick up the phone and call someone you have a relationship with, they’re more likely to work with you and help you if you’re in a bind. They become like family and will support you just as you support them. We have a wonderful relationship with both Fundy and GraphiStudio for our albums.

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