Join The Fundy Storytellers Facebook Group

We’d like to invite you to join our private Fundy Storytellers Facebook Group. This is a different kind of group. While we discuss the awesome ways in which you can use Fundy Designer, we dive deeper than any other software group around. We are committed to helping each other grow both our businesses and our creativity.

Join our private group and join discussions on:

  • Shooting for the album

  • Designing better albums

  • Increasing album sales

  • Pros and cons of charging by the spread or the image

  • Jumping into “in-person sales”

  • Increasing studio revenue across the board with proven strategies by professionals

Get sneak peeks before anyone else on:

  • New Storyteller videos and blog posts

  • New product announcements

  • Access to beta versions of our software (v7 beta coming first part of April)

  • v7 video tutorials and blog posts so you are ahead of the game.

We’d love to have you. We purposely kept the community down to a few hundred so we could lay the groundwork, but we are ready to open it up to everyone.

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