How to Make 50% More by Selling Wall Art Virtually

How to Make 50% More by Selling Wall Art Virtually by Storyteller Caroline Tran

Wall art can be our bread and butter as photographers – bringing in on average 50% more in revenue. Pre-Covid, our wedding and portrait clients could come into the studio to go over the gallery – now, presenting wall art to our clients is mostly being done over Zoom calls, which can seem like a daunting task. 

3 tips for using virtual presentations:

1. Reach Out to Old Clients 

As photographers, whether we are starting to schedule sessions again, or in a state that is still shut down, we can always go into our archives and reach out to past clients. Email clients and let them know that their galleries have been opened up for a certain time period, bring the client some joy by letting them share and relive these moments with their family. Ask to get on a call with the client, get them excited about what we can do with the photos in their home. Not every client is going to order wall art, but some will be interested. 

2. Get to Know the Client’s Walls

Do they already have wall art? Are their walls a blank canvas? What kind of art do they like? Canvas, wood, metal, framed? Depending on their answer, this will determine how much work we’re going to have to put in for the upsell. 

Ask questions to understand what they like and how they feel about wall art. During the initial consultation or the actual shoot, begin to plant the seed outside of only discussing what comes in the original package, this makes discussing wall art easier down the road.  

3. Pre-Design the Wall Art 

Ask for a photo of the client’s bedroom, dining room and living room walls. This way we can physically put together different options to show them. Come to the virtual meeting with the client ready to be show what the photographs will physically look like in their home. 

Offer two options for each room but don’t overdo it – give them variety, but don’t overwhelm! The key to selling is once the client sees the designs that reflect their personalities and lives on their own wall, the wall art sells itself. 

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