Learn Profitability From The Best Wedding Storytellers

Learn Profitability From The Best

Six of the industry’s best share how they maximize profit in six different sessions. 

Scott Johnson: Still Making Album Sales and IPS During the Pandemic

Just because we are unable to meet our clients face to face, it doesn’t mean we have to stop selling to them.  If you’ve been shooting in between the lockdowns and are struggling to upsell to your clients, Scott takes you through his process that meant his after sales didn’t drop during lockdown in the UK.


Caroline Tran: Creative Marketing Assets That’ll Increase Sales 

From attracting potential clients to converting them into paid clients, Caroline Tran creates beautiful marketing materials to attract clients, educate clients, and ultimately increase sales. Learn how you can level up your social media assets, design brochures that convert, and create lead magnets to attract new clients!



 Kesha Lambert: Give Them Something To Talk About


Happy clients that talk about their experience leads to more happy clients. In this session, Kesha talks about 3 personal touches that you can add to the album sales session to provide an experience your clients will enjoy and talk about. 


Makayla Jade Harris: How to Sell More Wall Art for Engagements & Weddings

Learn how to create desire and excitement in every couple that leads to killer wall art sales and amazing word of mouth referrals! 


Raquita Henderson: The Absolute Album Basics 

Raquita talks about albums in simple terms. She touches on the why, and the how to begin offering albums to your clients. This is a great session to watch for those who are just starting out. 


Ben Hartley: How to Reduce the Back and Forth of Album Design Requests

One of the biggest barriers to making sure every client has an album, is lack of time. Ben shows you how to offer albums in a way that is profitable and doesn’t create a major headache of change requests.

During the workshop, Ben covers how to save hours of time removing all of the back and forth between you and the client and how to handle requests like, “Can we have more time to decide?” or “Can we see more images?” and “Can we come back later to decide”.