Mom and Son Team Crush Sales During COVID

Mom and Son Team Crush Sales During COVID by Devin + Renee of Anchor & Veil Photography 

It will come as no surprise that clients are hesitant to make big investments right now, but Mom and son team Devin and Renee of Anchor & Veil Photography are crushing sales. 

Learn their 3 tips that have their family photography business thriving during COVID-19. 

1. Understand the Climate 

COVID has changed the way we live in many different ways and although some clients may be more hesitant to purchase 15 additional spreads, their desire to remember their wedding day hasn’t gone away. 

For the client, it’s not just about getting married, it’s also about capturing those feelings and moments forever. Clients are willing to spend thousands of dollars for photographers to capture their big day and showcasing these moments in an album is a great way to re-share and relive these memories. This goes for when reaching out to past and current clients.  

2. Offer Discounts

Offer discounts to clients, especially if they are ordering a bigger package. Making the client feel as if they are getting a great deal is important in landing a big sale. Don’t miss the opportunity of making an extra $3,000-$5,000 in revenue by not offering a slight discount to the client. 

3. Work with the Client

Not everyone can afford to hand over $10,000 in one payment, especially right now. In order to provide clients the album of their dreams, be willing to offer an installment plan. This makes big purchases more digestible and flexible, which results in higher sales and happier clients.

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