Money-Making Slideshows in Fundy Designer

Ever wondered how users are able to sell their large albums and stunning wall art collections shown in the Storyteller Group? The core element to their success is the ability to create slideshows showcasing their albums, cards, and wall art options, versus just showing their client’s individual images. The ability to add your designs to slideshows is what makes Fundy Designer unique.

Slideshow Nuts and Bolts

Under the Slideshow menu, choose “Create Slideshow.” Here you can add the creative elements you want to include in the Content box on the left.  For example: title, images, and wall art slides. You’ll notice the use of the phrase “Wall Art Option,” as this plants a seed in your client’s head to get them thinking about how these images would look on the wall of their home. 

On the right, you can personalize further by adding music and adjusting timing controls.

The Perfect Slideshow:  aka the Wow Factor

Enticing your clients with a few compelling initial slides will encourage them to focus on what is truly important, as well as what is the most profitable for you:  the album, wall art options, and cards they will send to their friends and family.

Before you start actually designing, make sure to select and mark your favorite 8 to 15 images using the “F” key.  

Play and Export

The best way to fully engage with your client is in person or via video chat. Using Zoom, you can play the slideshow for your clients, with sound coming through their speakers. Upon the conclusion of the presentation, many clients will buy right on the spot.  

You can even offer to export the slideshow as a video file for them to keep as a thank you for their business.

Fundy Designer v10

The latest and greatest is available.  The new slideshow builder is a truly powerful feature in Fundy Designer v10, designed and guaranteed to make you more money.  See for yourself…purchase or upgrade today!