Fundy Drop Zones® 3.0 – What you need to know!

Drop Zones 3.0, new in Fundy v10, has two revolutionary features that will not only make your designs better and easier, but also is a whole lot of fun! First, you can now grab the space between two photos and drag it to make photo relationship bigger/smaller. Secondly, you can now drag and drop photos anywhere within a layout and the other images on the page will automatically adjust to accommodate. 

Image Resizing

We’ve given you the ability to do what no other design program on the entire planet can do – grab any space between two images and slide it to change your layout however you want!

If you are grabbing and sliding the space between multiple images and want to adjust just one, use the option/alt key. 

Image Placing

Now with v10, you can literally drag and drop images anywhere within a layout creating a mix of columns and rows within just one Drop Zone. 

Video Tutorial

See the groundbreaking new functionality of Drop Zones 3.0 and learn how to use them with Fundy Storyteller Ben Hartley. 

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