New Exposure Control and More

Fundy Suite v10 gives you even more control in the Perfectly Clear retouching module, including advanced exposure correction.

Under Eye Control

Now you can have full control of the under eye fix. Using a slider, you can dial in how much under eye fix you want to apply.

Eye Enhancement Control

When applying any Perfectly Clear Preset, it auto applies and eye enhancement which brightens the eyes. Now you are in control of how much the eyes are enhanced. This is feature, in our opinion, really helps drive sales and design approvals.

New Exposure Control

This has been a longstanding feature request, the ability to fix exposure within Fundy Designer. This feature is helpful both when designing and for IPS sessions.

When you are designing, sometimes you have a design where one photo might be slightly darker or lighter than the other photos. Just open that photo into the editing tab and adjust.

For IPS, many photographers will shoot RAW and JPEG and show the unedited JPEGs to their clients. Being able to quickly edit those JPEGs and adjust exposure is sure to be a big money maker.

Batch Them All

Don’t forget that once you apply your retouching, you can batch apply your settings to any number of photos in just a few clicks.

Video Tutorial

Ditch the back-and-forth between Lightroom and Photoshop and learn how to use this amazing new feature with Fundy Storyteller Jamie Schneider.

Speed Your View Up

By default, Fundy Designer is loading in the full resolution image for retouching. This can slow things down. If you want to work faster on the proxy images, here is the setting to change.

Upgrade Costs and Purchase Options

  • Upgrade for FREE if you purchased v8 on or after Sept 1, 2019
  • Upgrade for $149, if you own v8
  • Upgrade for $199, if you own v6 or v7
  • Purchase Pro Suite for $499
  • Purchase Album Suite for $379
  • Lease Pro Suite for $24/month (paid yearly)