New Magazine Designs

We are happy to announce brand new, pre-written magazine designs for brand new markets. You can now quickly design a studio magazine for your: commercial work, photo booth company, engagement session clients and personal branding clients. Our goal is to keep pushing the limits of what you can do in our software and what you can accomplish in your business.

Engagement Session Magazine Preview

Check out the engagement session specific magazine design.

Photo booth Magazine

Would you like take your photo booth business to the next level? Here is a pre-designed and pre-written magazine all about photo booths.

Commercial Work

From everything to headshots to corporate needs, here is a Studio Magazine that is all about your commercial work. If commercial work plays a key role in your business revenue, this magazine is sure to help increase that business.

Personal Branding

In the age where social media can make or break a company, people are turning to professional photographers for personal branding work. This magazine shows your client how you can make them look like the next greatest thing.

Ready For Download

These magazines, are now available in the Design Library. Check the Albums & Magazines section for these new studio magazine designs.