New Powerful Quick Design Picker

Being able to choose from 100’s of automated designs, magazines, card templates and more is extremely powerful. But, in order to further customize your design, the new Quick Design Picker allows you to target a single page or spread. 

Sometimes you’ve designed the left side of a magazine and you want to apply a template to just the right page. Now you can.

Or you’ve designed a specific part of an album page and just want to fill up the rest of the page – now you can. 

The new Quick Design Picker was created to give you even more control in your designs. 

Video Tutorial

Learn how to take advantage of even more flexibility and design control with the new Quick Design Picker with Fundy Storyteller Caroline Tran.

Upgrade Costs and Purchase Options

  • Upgrade for FREE if you purchased v8 on or after Sept 1, 2019
  • Upgrade for $149, if you own v8
  • Upgrade for $199, if you own v6 or v7
  • Purchase Pro Suite for $499
  • Purchase Album Suite for $379
  • Lease Pro Suite for $24/month (paid yearly)