Tip – Outdo Your Competition

We are lucky enough to be very good friends with Marko Dusak of Spinakergraphics – one of the top photographers in Europe. You may have never heard of Marko or Spinakergraphics because he’s in the small country of Croatia. But he is the perfect example of someone completely dominating their market.


Marko was kind enough to send us a few copies of his bridal magazine, which he gives to every potential client that comes in for a consultation. I don’t know about you, but if I walked into a studio and received this, I would immediately think, “how can I figure out how to afford Spinakergraphics.”




Marko immediately communicates the style of his photography and his dedication to location and props in this photo.




He also shows the bride that he is focused on works of art, not just capturing the day.


Frequently asked questions are stated in a professional manner.




And he sets himself apart, custom making his albums for his clients, as well as sets his brides and grooms up with the knowledge that they WILL be buying a wedding album. It’s just part of his service.




I’d like to congratulate Marko on creating a wonderful piece of work here for his potential brides and grooms. Additionally, I’d like to challenge each and every one of you to create something that will set you apart, just like Marko has.


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