Scholarship Winner • What I Learned from Tamara Lackey

August 01, 2014

This past spring, we held a contest to win a $750 scholarship to Tamara Lackey’s Three-Day Intense London Workshop July 1-3, 2014. After reviewing many applications, we chose Michelle Szpak of Szpak Photography. During this three-day workshop, Tamara lead an in-depth shooting clinic, lighting configuration, post-processing, business training and more. We checked in with Michelle after the workshop to hear how it went, what she learned and how it may help her business. We all know Tamara is extremely talented, and there is so much to learn from her. Check out Michelle’s comments about the workshop.


I was so surprised when I opened my email to see one sitting there from Fundy Software saying I had been given the partial scholarship to Tamara Lackey’s workshop in London. It took me reading it about three times before it sank in, not quite believing it. I was so excited to have this awesome opportunity. The three days with Tamara flew by, and were life and business changing.  The days itself were split between photographing, business and life balance, all equally important, and I learned so much from each one.

“The three days with Tamara flew by, and were life and business changing.”

It was brilliant to watch how Tamara works with the children firsthand, watching her deal with the same problems that every photographer has with keeping them in a position, keeping their attention and working in constantly changing light situations and small areas with not a lot of places to use as backdrops. It was very inspiring to watch how she captured the child and families personalities and to see which lens she used and for which situations.

Child Portrait in Studio

“It made me re-think how my business runs and what I want for both my clients and for me.”

 The business and work/life balance crossed over each other in sections, and for me this was the most life changing and inspiring part of the course. We looked into our values and how they matched the business, about creating a business that works for you and also allows you to enjoy/value every day (life moves so fast). It made me re-think how my business runs and what I want for both my clients and for me. Tamara inspires you to look inside and not just around at what everyone else is doing, to walk your own path and to enjoy it along the way, that anything is possible. Thank you so much to Fundy Software and to Tamara for a life changing experience, for opening my eyes to many things and for re-inspiring me to make the changes I need for a better business and work/life balance.

Michelle Szpak

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