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Learn Profitability From The Best Portrait Storytellers

April 12, 2021

Learn Profitability From The Best

Five of the industry’s best share how they maximize profit in four different sessions. 


Pye Jirsa: How to Close 

Be a Better Photographer Without Ever Touching the Camera

In this presentation, you will gain critical skills in three areas through sales training and a simple exercise we call the “W.A.V.E.”

You’re going to book more clients, create images your clients actually value, and sell more albums/wall art along the way. Best of all, you’re going to do it without ever touching your camera. 


Audrey Woulard: From the Shoot to the Book

The Art of Telling the Story for Guaranteed Album Sales

During this presentation you will learn how to shoot for the book from a portrait photographer’s perspective. Audrey will show you her blueprint for how she utilizes her portrait shoots to guarantee she sells an album with every single photo session and how she keeps her clients coming back year after year to ensure longevity.


Jason & Joanne Marino: Why Your Clients Need An Expert 

And Why Being One Sets You Apart

 Be more than a service provider, be an expert for your clients. Build trust, and help clients get what they truly desire. Take the selling out of sales, and elevate your client experience.


Jenn Lewis: Maximize Your Senior Sales with Fundy

Follow along as Jenn goes through her sales process using Fundy for her high school seniors and learn some sales tips that helps her maintain her $5k sales average. 


Do it all in Fundy Designer!

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