Slideshows That Make Clients Buy

We would all agree that we want each and every effort we put into our business to produce the results we need. As you read this blog post, you’ll see how making one small change can result in thousands, if not tens of thousands, of extra dollars per year. This simple change is to focus on the designs you create with your amazing photographs, not just the photographs themselves. Slideshows help Fundy Storytellers make an extra $10-$100k per year in just print sales. 

Pre-Design What You Want To Sell

People can only buy what they can see. If you want to sell an album, wall art, cards – show them! Amazing pre-designs give options to your clients that they then want. 

Prepare a Slideshow of Mostly Designs

This is the key. Most photographers will show only images in their slideshow, or show a couple of hundred single images before the designs. This approach will encourage the client to fall in love with those single images but probably ignore the designs. High-earning ambassadors like Makayla Jade, Ben Hartley, and Jason & Joanne Marino focus on just showing a minimum of highlight images and then focus on the album design, wall art designs, and client cards. 

Examples – See for Yourself

Check out these 3 slideshow examples on what a great “sales” slideshow looks like. It may not look as exciting as a marketing slideshow with quick jumps and changes, but this sells. 

How To

If you want to learn how to implement this strategy, check out this blog post on how to create a slideshow and this webinar on how to present a slideshow to clients. 

Do it all in Fundy Designer!

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