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March 02, 2023

What is the Social Design App

Almost a decade ago, Fundy Designer changed album design forever, helping tens of thousands of photographers design printed products faster and make more money. Now, we’ve created the fastest social media design app in the world, to better help you market your business services and products. Just upload photos, key in a few prompted text lines, and the Social Design App will create multiple carousels and stories in under 60 seconds. There is no other social design app in the world that can do that – NONE, not Canva, not Adobe, no one. 


Currently, we are providing a new template every week. For you that means you can easily generate unique social media content for each client session that is then posted by your business as well as by the client. With the Social Design App, you can create 5-6 custom stories AND carousels (reels coming this summer) in under 15 minutes. Imagine, creating all of your social media content across multiple platforms in less than ¼ of an hour per week! 

Up next? The Mobile App

If you know Fundy Software, you know we never stop innovating and this spring we are going to be on hyperdrive. We will be bringing you the Social Design Mobile App, videos alongside photos within Drop Zones, and reels with dynamic moving text, videos and slideshows. It’s gonna be a fun ride that changes how social content for small businesses gets done! 

From the very beginning we knew that photographers and small business owners wanted to be able to design on their computers but also wanted to be able to design on the go. We developed the app to be ready for anything. So stay tuned for a mobile app that you can use anywhere in the world – especially on those epic shoots.

And just in time for Fall – Slideshow/Reels

Yes, Reels too are in the plan! In June, we will have taken the pain out of creating reels. Want something easy and quick so you have something to post a few times a week without spending hours designing it?

With just a few auto text phrases  and some images we’ll create a reel that seamlessly combines photos, text and your logo into not one, but TWO slideshows – one vertical for Reels and one Horizontal for posts. The killer feature is no extra work – we use the same images going into your stories and carousels to also create reels at the same time! That’s right, multiple sets of content for multiple social media platforms, with just one set of images and videos – automatically – DONE!!

And then – Video in Drop Zones

Fundy Ambassadors like Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead have told us countless stories of the painstaking work-arounds they would do to design carousels in Photoshop, manually replacing a photo with a video or GIF. Coming In Q1 2024, videos will be just as easy to incorporate and scale as any photo and you’ll be able to export the carousel or story as an MP4. 

an Instagram carousel with 5 panels, most panels are still images but panel 3 is a combination of still images and a video. The images are of a family with two children


Get Ready for Freedom

So get ready for an amazing 2023 and 2024, we are. We are going to give you some of your life back and get you posting on social media more – without the pain. No more pressure, now it’s easy to create beautiful social media content that will propel your brand across multiple platforms. And don’t worry, we have some secret sauce coming for Fundy Designer in 2024 also. 

Do it all in Fundy Designer!

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