Tip • Free Wedding Photography Guide by Dmitry Fedotov

Our friend and award-winning photographer, Dmitry Fedotov, has spent the last two years working on an incredible free eBook called “Wedding Photography Guide: All You Need to Know About Wedding Photography.” This book is a great resource for couples who want to learn more about wedding photography options, including how the industry has evolved, and what to expect from a wedding photographer. But this book is also a great resource for photographers as well, and provides insight and advice from industry leaders.

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The forward is written by world-renowned photographer, Michael Greenberg, and sums up the value of this book:

“I am absolutely certain that the book you are about to read will prove a valuable discovery; it is very practical, beneficial, and inspiring. The wedding industry is constantly changing, and it is important to have a point of reference which can be regularly used to evaluate the work of other photographers. This book describes the international standards of quality in the field of modern wedding photography. In fact, it presents all necessary information in a simple, and comprehensible manner. The author explains the basics of a well-executed wedding photograph, whether you are a photographer by trade, or if you are looking for one. After reading this book, you will have all the tools necessary, and will feel encouraged to move forward with the art of wedding photography. Besides, numerous beautiful illustrations will walk you through the wonderful world of wedding imagery, as defined by the views of internationally recognized professionals. I personally enjoyed the read, and I’m certain you will appreciate it as well.”

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© Dmitry & Victoria Fedotov

This eBook is jam-packed full of tips and inspiration, guiding couples and photographers through key moments throughout the wedding day – from the first meeting to the last shot. It helps both parties understand their goals, expectations, and finding a common ground so everyone is happy. It even dives into the details of how to deal with difficult guests, and the “Uncle Bobs” vs. professional photographers.

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© Jerry Ghionis

The book also details the work of countless award-winning photographers such as Jeff Ascough, Jerry Ghionis, Davina + Daniel, Jim Garner, Cristiano Ostinelli, Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez and many more. They offer their point-of-view on taking great wedding photos and what couples should be looking for. It also outlines the different professional photography associations and much more that may be useful for couples to reference.

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© Cristiano Ostinelli

Below are other rave reviews of the book:

“This is a great book. Besides the fact that this book provides a good guide for choosing the right photographer for your wedding, it gives an understanding that shooting is not only the process of pressing the shutter button – it’s much more. It is a beautiful process that is only possible with the use your soul and your heart. Therefore, this book is also perfect for any photographer who is looking for inspiration. Congratulations!”
-Joe Buissink

“This book is an essential wedding photography guide for all couples who truly love wedding photography, and who care deeply about choosing the right photographer for their wedding. Dmitry covers the current state of wedding photography in the world; how to find your perfect photographer; what kinds of questions to ask; how to work with your photographer to get great pictures on your wedding day; and so much more. The book includes everything a couple needs to know about good wedding photography, but perhaps the best part is all of the inspiring images from many of the best wedding photographers in the world.”
-Joe Milton, ISPWP Founder

“The book is very good. Well done. A lot of effort has gone into it and it really showcases how wedding photography should be done.”
-Jeff Ascough

“I recommend this book as an essential guide for all lovers of the wedding world – both newlyweds and photographers. Here you can find some of the best photographers in the world and see in their work to find great inspiration.”
-Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez

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© Davina + Daniel

This book is a free download and a great read. Simply fill out the web form below to download the free PDF (note: it’s a big file, so it may take a few minutes to download). We hope you enjoy this book as much as we did, and we thank Dmitry for his generosity sharing it.