Tip • Important Changes to Google’s SEO

I’m sure you often hear you need to optimize your website, blog more often and make your social media content more engaging. I get it. Marketing is my business here at Fundy Software, and it can still be overwhelming. I am constantly impressed with how photographers do it all. Now that said, I’m going to give you one more thing to do.

I’m sorry.

But I promise I wouldn’t bring it up if I didn’t think it was important. And, our friend and Brandsmash founder, Mike Allebach, thinks it’s very important, too.

© Mike Allebach

Google is notoriously quiet about their search engine algorithm, but they did recently announce via their Webmaster Blog that you have until April 21 to make your website more mobile-friendly before their new algorithm is implemented. Once this algorithm is in place, it will reward those sites that are mobile-friendly, and could penalize those that aren’t. You can market yourself all you want across marketing channels, but if clients can’t find or navigate your website easily, you’re in trouble.

So, what do you do now?

Mike Allebach wrote a fantastic article this week for SLR Lounge called “Website SEO Alert: The One Thing Every Photographer Should Do Today.” In this easy-to-digest article, Mike explains testing how mobile-friendly your site is, and his advice for moving to a responsive website. Google has given you a head start (which doesn’t often happen), so I suggest you take this nugget of information and run with it.

Click here to read Mike Allebach’s article on SLR Lounge.